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ヘパリーゼW 炭酸ヘパリーゼW 炭酸


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ヘパリーゼW 炭酸ヘパリーゼW 炭酸

Hepalyse W Carbonated

  • It Contains liver extract of 100 mg
  • In addition to Vitamin C and royal jelly, it also contains hyaluronic acid that is great for women
  • A carbonated, refreshing, easy-to-drink fizzy orange flavor (contains no fruit juice)

Suggested retail price: 356 yen (tax included)

What is “liver extract”?

It is made from natural, high quality livers that were broken down.
You can efficiently consume the raw materials of proteins that comprise the liver.

ヘパリーゼW 炭酸ヘパリーゼW 炭酸

Instructions Drink one bottle (100 mL) per day.
Ingredients Hydrogenated maltose starch syrup, liver extract (contains pork), royal jelly extract, hyaluronic acid / trehalose, acidulants, carbonation, flavors, Vitamin C, carotenoid pigment, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), niacin, Vitamin B6
Nutritional Information
per bottle (100 mL)
Energy 24 kcal; Protein 0.1 g; Fat 0 g; Carbohydrates 7.3 g; Salt equivalent 0.3 g; Vitamin C 100 mg; Vitamin B6 5.0 mg; Niacin 12 mg


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